People also ask

  • Is pebblehost good for Minecraft hosting?

  • Pebblehost is a great minecraft hosting website. Great servers, Great prices, and great support. I recommend pebblehost to anyone who wants to start a Minecraft server with a low budget. 5/5 Their Node monitoring system speaks volumes about what kind of company they are.

  • Why choose pebblehost for your Discord server?

  • Scoring a 4.7/5 star rating allows PebbleHost to be one of the highest rated hosts at our price point, ensuring you’re buying from a highly trusted provider. Our UK US based support team work around the clock providing a leading support experience, with average response times under 30 minutes via our Discord support system.

  • How do I get around a VPS server being hacked?

  • To get around it connect from a different location such as work, a VPN, or the SSH feature of the control panel. Your server was hacked and the IP Null routed. When you have a VPS it doesn’t matter who you purchase it from you are responsible for the security of your vps/server.

  • What to do if my VPS is not working?

  • An administrator will go in and fix it without needing to contact us. If there is nothing wrong with the VPS though you can always open a ticket and you’ll have a solution within usually an hour. By far the most common is the software you’re trying to connect to has simply stopped working.