People also ask

  • What is the default server for GitLab?

  • The gitlab server uses nginx as its default server, while our projects use apache server to serve contents. Running two internal servers simultaneously can pose a lot of issues (ports 鈥?etc).

  • How to configure GitLab on a virtual machine?

  • The values needed for GitLab can be found inside the file /opt/gitlab/embedded/etc/90-omnibus-gitlab.conf in the virtual machine. After setting these values in /etc/sysctl.conf file in the host OS, run cat /etc/sysctl.conf /etc/sysctl.d/*.conf | sysctl -e -p – on the host. Then try running gitlab-ctl reconfigure inside the virtual machine.

  • How do I set up a GitLab online repository?

  • To use the online repository, no setup is required, just register an account and start creating projects. My company decided to move our projects and repositories to an online VPS, we chose DigitalOcean Ubuntu Linux droplets which is easy to set up and also Gitlab offline server to store our project files.

  • Why can’t I install GitLab on a non-Docker container?

  • In Docker containers, GitLab package detects existence of /.dockerenv file and skips automatic detection of an init system. However, in non-Docker containers (like containerd, cri-o, etc.), that file does not exist and package falls back to sysvinit, and this can cause issues with installation.