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  • Does Haas lathe control support yasnac?

  • WORK COORDINATE SELECTION COMMANDS The Haas CNC lathe control supports both YASNAC and FANUC coordinate systems. Work coordinates together with tool offsets can be used to position a part program anywhere within the work cell with great 铿?exibility.

  • What is the negative travel on a Haas lathe?

  • The Haas lathes have 1 inch of negative travel beyond the center line of the spindle. MACHINE HOME The principal of machine home may be seen when doing a reference return of all machine axes at machine startup.

  • Do I need a safe start line on a Haas lathe?

  • To ensure the machine control is in a safe start condition, use these conditions on a Haas control, to help you decide if you need a safe start line at the beginning of a program. G18 Cicular Motion ZX Plane Selection- The G18 is the default condition on a Haas lathe, and is the only one available in the X and Z axis to do an arc.

  • What is the customer service policy for Haas?

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION POLICY Dear Haas Customer, Your complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance to both Haas Automation, Inc., and the Haas Factory Outlet (HFO) where you purchased your equipment. Normally, your HFO will rapidly resolve any concerns you may have about the sales transaction or the operation of your equipment.