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  • How to start/stop MySQL on Linux VPS?

  • Connect to your VPS through SSH with root user and type following commands. service mysql status If you want to stop/start other Linux VPS services, you can use above commands by placing service name. Following are some of the most common Linux VPS services. Start/Stop MySQL service through WHM.

  • How to run MySQL on Windows VPS using remote desktop?

  • Login to your Windows VPS through Remote Desktop. Please refer to connect VPS using RDP for more details. Go to Start Administrative Tools Services. At Services Window, locate and select MySQL service. If MySQL service is running, at right hand side you will get following 3 options.

  • Which user should I use for my HostGator cPanel database?

  • HostGator recommends using the database user with the database user’s password. Make sure your database name and username has your HostGator cPanel username prefix (e.g. ‘cPanelUsername_databasename’; ‘cPanelUsername_databaseUsername’).

  • How do I connect to a MySQL database from a remote server?

  • If you have an existing MySQL user account which you plan to use to connect to the database from your remote host, you鈥檒l need to reconfigure that account to connect from the remote server instead of localhost. To do so, open up the MySQL client as your root MySQL user or with another privileged user account: