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  • How to set up VPS in AWS EC2?

  • How to run VPS in AWS EC2 1 Set up an AWS account. To do this type in your browser and follow the prompts to set-up your account. 2 Set up a free instance: After setting up your account, the next thing is to set up a free instance. Login to your AWS console page. … 3 Use the EC2 and choose your image. … More items…

  • Why have I been charged for AWS services that are not free?

  • If you have not exceeded the limits of the free tier, you may have been charged for other AWS services that are not covered under the free tier. Some examples include: if you are running an Amazon EC2 t2.small instance rather than a t2.micro instance, or if you are using a service not included in the offer, such as Amazon Aurora.

  • How can I see how much AWS free tier services I have used?

  • AWS automatically provides alerts through AWS Budgets to notify you by email when you exceed 85 percent of your AWS Free Tier limits for each service. You can also view the Top AWS Free Tier Services by Usage table on the Billing and Cost Management dashboard to see which five services you have used the most and how much you have used them.

  • Can I run Apache on an Amazon EC2 instance?

  • You can have EC2 instances running the Apache web server serving files stored on your Amazon EFS file system. It can be one EC2 instance, or if your application needs, you can have multiple EC2 instances serving files from your Amazon EFS file system.