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  • What happens when a domain is redirects?

  • When a domain is redirected, the entire website user鈥檚 traffic (including search engines) moves from one address to another (if the original site is closed). On occasions when there is no redirection, each user who visits the closed or moved page will encounter a 404 error.

  • How to point a domain to a virtual private server (VPS)?

  • In this guide, we鈥檒l show you how to point a domain name to a virtual private server using two methods: Firstly, you鈥檒l need to find the IP address of your virtual server. On Hostinger panel, you may locate all VPS related information under the Servers section. The highlighted area under SSH Details shows your virtual server鈥檚 dedicated IP address.

  • What is domain name forwarding and redirection?

  • Domain name forwarding is when the whole website user鈥檚 traffic is moved from one address to another. There are a few common reasons for domain redirection: the need for rebranding, changing to a country-specific domain, dissatisfaction with the provider, or website redevelopment. There are three types of redirects: permanent, temporary, and other.

  • How do I set up a DNS zone on a VPS?

  • On Hostinger, you may easily do it using the domain management panel. The next step is setting up a DNS zone for your domain on the virtual server. Connect to your VPS via SSH and go to: Using the nano command, create a new zone file for your domain: