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No. Premium VPN services do the same things as proxiesand much more. You could use a proxy extension for a quick IP change,but keep in mind that not all proxies are safe,and some of them may collect your data. Can I use VPN and proxy together?

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  • Do I need a VPN if I have a proxy?

  • In summary, proxies are great for hiding your identity during trivial tasks (like 鈥渟neaking鈥?into another country to watch a sports match) but when it comes to more series tasks (like protecting yourself from snooping) you need a VPN.

  • What is the difference between proxy servers and VPNs?

  • Proxy servers simply pass your information along. There is no bandwidth cost and only a little extra latency when you use them. VPN servers, on the other hand, chew up both processing power and bandwidth on account of the overhead introduced by the encryption protocols.

  • Do I need a proxy server?

  • Here are some of the most common reasons you would need a proxy server: To access websites anonymously. This is the most common use of a proxy server. If you are ever out of the country, you will soon realize that there are a number of websites and programs (such as video streaming applications) that you cannot access.

  • What is a proxy service and how does it work?

  • Whether you need a secure connection, a file, a piece of information or other support, a proxy service, such as the best VPN services, intermediates on your behalf. This protects your identity from the server you’re seeking information or a connection from. What is a proxy server?