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  • What is the difference between standard MySQL and MySQL VPS?

  • Here are a few key differences between standard MySQL and MySQL VPS. Included with shared and VPS hosting plans by default. Suitable for small, optimized databases. Runs MySQL on an isolated virtual server, without noise from other services. Perfect for sending large amounts of data between your apps and MySQL.

  • What kind of database do I need for a VPS?

  • If what you intend to do with your VPS requires a database, you will need a database server like MySQL. There are alternatives in the market including MariaDB, but your choice will also be dependent on the application that needs the database. Vlad has 20 years of experience in the web hosting industry.

  • Is cPanel the only option for VPS users?

  • No. cPanel is a highly commercialized option that helps VPS users. However, it is not the only option. SPanel is much more cost effective and offers many of the same benefits, if not more. SPanel also does not come with excessive licensing fees. How Does a VPS Work? VPS, as the name implies, is a virtual server.