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You can choose eitherWindows server 2008 or Win server 2012 or Linuxas OS for your VPS. The internet speed is 10 GB per second. You will get 35GB HHD storage with 500GB bandwidth along with 1GB dedicated RAM. You can host unlimited sites in this VPS.

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  • What is a Windows Server VPS and how does it work?

  • All Windows server VPS are hooked to a 1Gbit/s network card. When combined with SSD storage with fast read/write speeds, it enables you to create a gaming server, provide video streaming services, and anything else that suits you. Free cloud backups are also provided 鈥?but there鈥檚 a catch.

  • What is the best operating system for a VPS?

  • If it is written by, the best operating system for your VPS will be Windows Server Distributions. Because the websites are written needs to be run on the IIS web-server and this web-server can be installed on Windows Server easily.

  • How to get free Windows VPS hosting?

  • Here are few ways you can get free Windows VPS. Choose a VPS that provides free credits or a future pricing point. Thereafter, you can choose the configuration as per your need. When you are moving ahead, make sure you keep your credit card handy. Some hosting services will require you to enter a credit card.

  • Does monovm have a VPS server?

  • Windows VPS At Monovm, all our Windows VPS come with full administrator privileges, which gives you full control over your server. It’s possible to access the VPS through Microsoft’s Windows Remote Desktop software from any operating system, including mobile devices.