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  • Do you need an MBA to be a sales rep?

  • This is why sales departments have been called 鈥榯he lifeblood of business鈥?and why many CEOs are being drawn from its ranks. If you want to lead a company to success, a good roadmap to follow is to learn the skills of an MBA and gain the real-world experience of a sales rep.

  • What can you do with an MBA in sales?

  • According to, your MBA can help you advance from a sales floor role to a sales manager position quickly, and Fortune 100 companies like IBM prefer to hire entry-level sales rep applicants with an MBA. 2. Clarify the connection between your strengths and the employer鈥檚 business needs and success.

  • What makes a good VP of sales?

  • The best VPs of Sales make sure sales goals are specific enough to warrant highly specific tactics. In this way, the effect different tactics have on a company鈥檚 sales becomes measurable and repeatable.

  • Can you get an MBA with no work experience?

  • Students, especially in India jump on the MBA bandwagon right after completing their undergraduate degrees. It is also very common for business schools to select candidates with zero work experience. With no prior work experience, many students struggle to select the right industry according to their skill set.