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  • How does the new MQL5 platform work?

  • The new platform allows accelerating trading dozens of times: MQL5 compiler aggressively optimizes the obtained EX5 executable code, the OrderSendAsync asynchronous function is executed in fractions of a millisecond, orders are processed on a trade server in no time, while price and Depth of Market updates are delivered to the terminal without d…

  • How to setup automated trading on MetaTrader 4 or 5?

  • Just start your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, open required charts and symbols, launch indicators and Experts, specify the terminal settings and you are ready for automated trading. Now all you need to do is to rent a virtual server from your MetaTrader and perform migration. Renting a server is very easy and managing it does not take any effort.

  • How to manage MetaTrader VPS?

  • How to manage MetaTrader VPS? You can manage resources, as well as launch and disable the remote machine directly from the platform (Navigator 鈥?context menu of your trading account 鈥?Details). Apart from synchronization commands, you can see the data on CPU, disk space and RAM usage there.

  • What is the automatically enable or disable the automated trading button expert advisor?

  • You can download the modified version here and enjoy! The Automatically Enable Or Disable The Automated Trading Button Expert Advisor For MT4 is a simple program for MetaTrader4 platform that works exactly how it is named. It is not an algorithmic trading system per se as it does not open and manage trades on behalf of the trader.