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  • Can you use a VPS for server hosting?

  • One of the many ways you can use VPS for server hosting is to set up an online game server to play with your friends. The list of games you can host is extensive, some of the more popular ones being CS:GO, Minecraft, and World of Warcraft, to name just a few. Gaming sessions are usually hosted on dedicated servers.

  • How can a VPS help with the Internet of things?

  • Through your VPS, you can have a single point of control for all the items on your Internet of Things. By creating sensors around your home, you can have your VPS control the temperature, turn the lights on and off, automate smart device usage, you name it.

  • What can you do with a VPS for gaming?

  • It鈥檚 a good way to get your money鈥檚 worth out of your VPS. You can use a virtual server for a variety of tasks, including hosting gaming server sessions, email, applications, backing up files, setting a VoIP, and much more. It can also be useful for adding an extra layer of security through creating your own VPN.

  • What is the difference between a VPS and self-hosting?

  • On a VPS, you have your own server for your own software and are in control of everything you host. Self-hosting does most of the time require more skill on your part, but the money you save is definitely worth it. Many business software options, like Dropbox and Slack, are sold as SaaS.