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  • Is skynode in stock?

  • Is Skynode in stock? Skynode Enterprise is immediately available in the US and select countries. Skynode OEM and Skynode Gov are available for order. What are the Skynode specs?

  • How do I get Started with skynode鈩?

  • Every Skynode鈩?journey begins with the evaluation kit. Start prototyping straight away with Skynode鈩?Enterprise and all the necessary peripherals in one box. The ideal way to efficiently continue development is with the enclosed Skynode鈩?Enterprise units which don鈥檛 need to be integrated into the final design yet.

  • What is the skynode鈩?OEM module?

  • The small, lightweight, bare Skynode鈩?OEM module allows tight integration into your airframe design for final production. Depending on your specific requirements on shape or connector types, you can create your own custom hardware based on our Skynode鈩?reference design.