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A normal VSP plan willnot cover LASIK surgery. Rather than laser eye surgery procedures,VSP traditionally covers prescription eyeglasses,sunglasses,and contact lenses. VSP does offer a special plan for refractive procedures,however.

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  • Does VSP cover LASIK surgery?

  • In the final analysis, it is really quite easy to have your LASIK surgery covered by your VSP insurance plan. Just do your homework and follow these simple steps: 1. Log in or register at to be sure that you are signed up for VSPs Laser Vision Care Program.

  • Does vision service plan cover LASIK?

  • However, more vision insurance companies are beginning to cover at least part of the LASIK procedure, and this includes Vision Service Plan, or VSP. Vision Service Plan (VSP) was founded in 1955 to provide high-quality, low-cost eye benefits to those who needed corrective lenses or eye surgeries.

  • Is cataract surgery covered by vision insurance?

  • VSP is a vision insurance company that provides a range of services like regular eye exams, prescription glasses, and contact lenses. The company does not cover cataract surgery because general health insurance will cover that operation. ( Learn More)

  • Why choose a VSP network Laser Vision Doctor?

  • Your VSP Network Laser Vision doctor will also co-manage your post-op care to closely monitor your healing progress. Start by selecting a VSP Network Laser Vision doctor. You can preview a list of laser vision centers in your area by selecting a state below.