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  • Will my VPS IP address be blocked in other countries?

  • If you use Outline ( Shadowsocks ) in Iran, China, Azerbaijan, and the United Arab Emirates, your VPS IP address will be blocked after a while.

  • Can VPNs block Netflix and BBC iPlayer?

  • Some VPNs offer dedicated IP addresses. This means that instead of sharing an IP with many other users, you are assigned a unique IP (much like if you roll your own VPN ). Because this IP is unique to you, it is very unlikely to be blocked by websites such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

  • Can VPNs be blocked?

  • Common tactics for VPN blocks include: If you can鈥檛 access a VPN provider鈥檚 website then you can鈥檛 sign-up for its service or download its software. This form of censorship usually extends to VPN review websites (such as and other websites dedicated to methods of evading censorship.

  • What to do if your IP has been blocked?

  • This error will often provide a specific reason that your IP has been blocked. In case the error message is vague or unspecific, you can also ping your server for more information. Open a Command Prompt (Press Windows+R to open a 鈥淩un鈥?box.)