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  • What is the SMTP relay server for my Generation 4 VPS?

  • The SMTP relay server for your Generation 4 VPS depends on the data center where it’s located: Your server must send mail using our relay servers. This prevents network abuse and helps ensure our customers don’t lose network access for using the same network as a spammer.

  • How to set up an SMTP relay?

  • To set up an SMTP Relay we first need to know the public IP Address of the network where the device is located. If you want to use SMTP Relay for your local multifunctional (scanner), then just open the browser and visit Note the IP Address, we will need that later.

  • How do I set up a SMTP virtual server?

  • In the Control Panel window, click Administrative Tools. In the Administrative Tools window, click Internet Information Services. The default SMTP virtual server has the following default settings. If you create a new virtual server, you can configure default settings using the New Virtual Server Wizard.

  • How to build an IIS SMTP relay server?

  • How to Build an IIS SMTP Relay Server 1 Prerequisites. … 2 Install the IIS SMTP Server Wi … 3 Import a certificate (for TLS … 4 Configure the IIS SMTP Server. … 5 Add Allowed IPs in the IIS SMT … 6 Confirm Certificate is Detecte … 7 Test the IIS SMTP Mail Relay S … 8 Summary. In this article, you鈥?… 9 Further Reading