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38.6 miles

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  • How far is Pensacola International Airport from Pensacolas?

  • Distance from Pensacola International Airport to Pensacola is 4.0 miles / 6.5 kilometers. Pensacola, FL – Airports nearby. Pensacola International Airport (PNS) Pensacola International Airport is located approximately 3.0 miles / 4.8 kilometers east of Brent and about 3.0 miles / 4.8 kilometers southeast of Ferry Pass.

  • How far is Mobile Regional Airport from Pensacola?

  • Mobile Regional Airport (MOB) Distance from Mobile Regional Airport to Pensacola is 63.9 miles / 102.8 kilometers. Mobile Regional Airport is located approximately 8.2 miles / 13.2 kilometers northwest of Tillmans Corner and about 10.3 miles / 16.6 kilometers west of Prichard.

  • How far is Destin from Pensacola Airport?

  • Destin鈥揊ort Walton Beach Airport (VPS) Distance from Destin鈥揊ort Walton Beach Airport to Pensacola is 41.5 miles / 66.7 kilometers. Destin鈥揊ort Walton Beach Airport is located approximately 7.0 miles / 11.2 kilometers northeast of Fort Walton Beach and about 7.0 miles / 11.3 kilometers east of Wright.

  • How far is Pensacola from Northwest Florida beaches airport (ECP)?

  • Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) Distance from Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport to Pensacola is 84.9 miles / 136.6 kilometers.