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  • How do I set up a mail server on my VPS?

  • Setting up a mail server on your VPS requires a new cPanel account. You can create it via WHM (or Web Host Manager), cPanel鈥檚 server administration platform. Still, bear in mind that cPanel鈥檚 new pricing model bases licensing fees on a per-account basis.

  • How do I point a domain to a VPS?

  • To point a domain to VPS via A record, follow these steps: Navigate to your DNS zone, and add DNS records using two A records or an A and a CNAME record. One record is for the domain, and the other record is for the www subdomain. Replace the A record value with your dedicated IP address.

  • How to set up free email service for my domain name?

  • Login to Domain Control Panel. 2. Upon activating your Free Email Service, you need to enable the email server to be able to send/receive mails for your domain name. The simplest method to allow this is to modify your domain name’s Name Servers to ours, Set following DNS through Name Servers option in Domain Registration section.

  • How to manage business mail in VPS?

  • You can use webmail to manage your business mail in VPS. Here鈥檚 how. Go to the webmail login page and enter your email and password. This would be the email and password you created in the steps above. You鈥檒l be ushered into the webmail dashboard. Click on Login To Webmail.