People also ask

  • How do I access my VPS?

  • Now, the first step is to access the server from your personal computer. Multiple communication protocols let you establish a connection to your VPS. With FTP, for example, you can upload, manage, and edit files.

  • How do I connect to my VPS using FileZilla?

  • First of all by default you already can connect to your server out of the box, just run filezilla, enter your VPS server IP, login/password pair and port ( by default port is 22) You will immediately have access to your VPS over SFTP protocol.

  • How to connect to a VPS server via SFTP?

  • In the right menu, on the general tab, enter your VPS server IP, port ( by default it is 22 ) and choose SFTP in the Protocol drop-down menu. Choose Interactive in Logon Type Menu and enter your user name, with which you access your VPS server, and have a key created. In most cases it will be root. After that you can press connect.

  • How do I set up a DNS zone on a VPS?

  • On Hostinger, you may easily do it using the domain management panel. The next step is setting up a DNS zone for your domain on the virtual server. Connect to your VPS via SSH and go to: Using the nano command, create a new zone file for your domain: