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  • How to set up a cold masternode on a VPS?

  • To set up a cold masternode, you鈥檒l require two wallets 鈥?one for your VPS server (hot wallet) and one for your local machine 鈥?the cold storage. You won鈥檛 be storing any coins on your VPS wallet and as such, you鈥檒l be maximizing the security of your funds.

  • How do I find the private key of a masternode?

  • 1) Using the Local Wallet, enter the debug console (Tools Debug console) and type the following command: masternode genkey (This will be the masternode鈥檚 private key. We will use this later鈥? 2) Using again the debug console, enter the following command: getaccountaddress chooseAnyNameForYourMasternode

  • How do I register a masternode?

  • A masternode can be registered using the official Dash Core wallet. A hardware wallet is another option, and has enhanced security. In this example, we will use a software wallet as it is more commonly used. First, you must download the Dash Core Wallet. Then, you open it and wait for it to complete synchronization.

  • What do I need to run a masternode?

  • To run a masternode you need two things: 1. A certain amount of coins that needs to be locked in your wallet and 2. A computer that is hooked to the Internet and running 24 x 7.