People also ask

  • What is VPS Avenger?

  • The most versatile and best sounding synth you will ever encounter. There is nothing VPS Avenger can’t do, it offers you tons of features and a gigantic growing library from some of the best sound designers on this planet.

  • How do I create an expansion for my VPS Avenger?

  • Just rightclick on the librarian root (where the FACTORY icon is) and select create new expansion. Now a file structure for this expansion is being created in your VPS Avenger directory, for presets, samples, shapes, drumkits, wavetables.

  • What Daw do I need to run VPS Avenger?

  • no VPS Avenger requires a 64Bit DAW. There is no 32Bit installer. when I first start VPS Avenger… you can find an installation guide in our videos section …After installation VPS Avenger will ask you for the content file, this file can be downloaded in your Account and is around 6.5GB of size. You need this file to run VPS Avenger.

  • How to set dials in VPS Avenger?

  • Almost every element in VPS Avenger, be it a dial, envelope, fader or number field can be set to its standard value (default) by clicking on the control with the middle mouse button. If you dont have a middle mouse button, then a double click for normal dials and a double right click for inner dials does the same. Turning the dials (fine)