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  • How long do ex-presidents get Secret Service protection?

  • How long do ex ex-presidents get Secret Service protection? Under the original Former Presidents Act, former presidents and their families were entitled to lifetime protection. In 1994, this period was reduced to 10 years, but President Barack Obama enacted legislation reversing this limit and reinstating lifetime protection.

  • Does the Secret Service have 24/7 protection?

  • The U.S. Secret Service provides 24/7 protection for U.S. presidents and vice-presidents as well as their spouses and children, including adult children. The agency also provides protection to visiting heads of state or government, former presidents and their families and other distinguished foreign visitors.

  • Can the president or vice president decline Secret Service protection?

  • While in office, neither the president nor the vice president can decline Secret Service protection, but their spouses and adult children can. Almost all presidential families have accepted full Secret Service protection for as long as the law allows.

  • How long does Joe Biden have Secret Service protection?

  • As a former vice president, Biden was entitled to Secret Service protection for up to six months after the date he left office. Though the Department of Homeland Security can extend that window, it did not do so in Biden鈥檚 case.