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Click on your VPS service from the My Services screen or the Dashboard. Under Virtual Machine Detail,find the Action buttons. Click Shutdown and wait approximately60 seconds. Click Boot and wait approximately 60 seconds for your VPS to boot. If your VPS does not come back up,repeat the procedure but this time select Power Off.

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  • How long does it take to restart a laptop?

  • Restart time is exactly 1 hour 10 minutes after 7 times every time. Doing a shutdown (with the power button) instead of restart and then starting up with the power button only takes a few minutes to start. Odd. Did a clean Windows refresh about 3 days ago. Have second generation I5 with 6GB Ram in Samsung laptop.

  • What is a virtual VPS hosting?

  • VPS hosting lets you accommodate web projects on your very own virtual machine. You get better performance thanks to the guaranteed hardware resources and a dedicated IP only you can use. There are two types of VPS hosting 鈥?managed and self-managed. A managed virtual server comes with a preconfigured setup.

  • How do I access my VPS?

  • Now, the first step is to access the server from your personal computer. Multiple communication protocols let you establish a connection to your VPS. With FTP, for example, you can upload, manage, and edit files.

  • What is SSH and how do I use it with VPS?

  • With FTP, for example, you can upload, manage, and edit files. However, to properly configure your VPS, you need SSH (or Secure Shell) 鈥?a network protocol that lets you establish an encrypted connection to the server and execute commands on it.