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  • Is GoDaddy VPS hosting Good for your business?

  • GoDaddy VPS Hosting Review: 4.2 Overall Rating Knowing when your business or websites are ready to take the leap into a VPS hosting plan can be tricky. Symptoms of outgrowing shared hosting include needing more storage space, specialized security, or dedicated computing resources, among other signs.

  • Why is GoDaddy server response time so slow?

  • GoDaddy鈥檚 slow server response times are a by-product of it鈥檚 cheap shared hosting which lacks server resources. You can improve TTFB by using PHP 7.3 and a CDN in GoDaddy鈥檚 cPanel.

  • How often does GoDaddy take snapshots and restore backups?

  • The company takes snapshots every 10 days and will only help you restore a backup for a fee. Managed and fully managed VPS customers can take and restore snapshots as they choose. As you gain experience and comfort with running websites, look to spread your wings beyond GoDaddy鈥檚 beginner-friendly nest.

  • Is 1&1 or GoDaddy a better host?

  • Leading web hosts across the board, 11 and GoDaddy are two trusted brands in the hosting industry… 11 out of 29 times. GoDaddy is a good value in the hosting space 鈥?boasting a very low cost for shared hosting services and long-standing credibility in the domain hosting industry.