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  • What are the levels of VPS classification?

  • Table 1 VPS Structure Classification Level Code VPS VPS Grade 4 VPSG4 VPS VPS Grade 5 VPSG5 VPS VPS Grade 6 VPSG6 VPS Senior Technical Specialist STS 13 more rows …

  • What are standing rules in PTA?

  • Standing rules outline the procedures of the organization that are not included in the bylaws and must not conflict with the bylaws or the California State PTA Toolkit. They may be changed or amended without notice with a two-thirds (2/3rd) majority vote of the association, or a majority vote with thirty (30) days鈥?notice.

  • Where can I find the bylaws for my PTA/PTSA?

  • The only official set of PTA bylaws for any PTA is an original approved current set of bylaws, signed and dated by the state parliamentarian, PTA president and secretary, and on file with the unit PTA secretary. A copy of the association鈥檚 Bylaws for the Local PTA/PTSA Units must be made available to any association member upon request.

  • How much money does the National PTA give to its members?

  • National PTA Awards $300K in Grants to PTAs and Schools Across the Country. Over $300,000 in grants have been awarded to more than 200 PTAs and schools across the country for programming during this school year.