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  • How many vice presidents did Franklin Roosevelt have?

  • Franklin Roosevelt had three different vice presidents鈥攁 record. The first president to have multiple vice presidents was Thomas Jefferson, who served two terms in office beginning in 1801.

  • How many terms did Franklin Roosevelt serve as president?

  • Franklin Roosevelt served as President for three consecutive terms and was elected for a fourth, but died shortly after his fourth term began. Roosevelt took office in 1933 and remained in the White House until his death in 1945. 7 锘?He had three different vice presidents during his time in office, a record that still stands.

  • Who was Teddy Roosevelt’s second vice president?

  • Henry Wallace was Roosevelt’s second vice president, elected along with him in the election of 1940. Wallace served one term as vice president and was replaced by Roosevelt in the election of 1944 by Harry Truman.

  • Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as agreed by many, was an American President who helped America through the darkest period. Not only was it Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was dealing with the crisis alone but his family as well.