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  • How many people at Goldman Sachs have been promoted to VP?

  • Today, Goldman Sachs shunted thousands of people into that salary band. 2,200 people at Goldman have been promoted to VP or executive director (ED) according to an infographic seen by eFinancialCareers. VPs at Goldman Sachs are known as EDs in some geographical markets.

  • How much do Goldman Sachs VPS in IBD earn?

  • For 2016 to 2017, recruitment firm Arkesden Partners says Goldman Sachs paid its newly promoted London-based VPs in IBD a salary of 134k ($170k) and an average bonus of 105k. Within two years, Arkesden said they could expect to have their salary and bonus increased to an average of 160k and 161k respectively.

  • How many of Goldman’s New VPs are female?

  • Goldman doesn’t break out how many of its new VPs are female. In its most recent sustainability report, it said it wants 40% of its VPs to be gender diverse by 2025, for 7% of it VPs in the Americas and the UK to be black, and for 9% in the Americas to be Hispanic or LatinX. Presumably it’s not quite at that target.

  • How many MDS did Goldman Sachs promote this year?

  • Goldman Sachs’ new MD list is go. The names are below. It’s short, but not that short: 465 people were promoted this year, down from 509 in 2017 when Goldman promoted its biggest ever MD class, but up from 425 in 2015. There are a few top-line things to know.