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  • How to configure VPN on Windows Server 2016?

  • 1 Step 1. Install the Routing and Remote Access Role on Server 2016. 2 Step 2. Enable the Routing and Remote Access on Server 2016. 3 Step 3. Configure VPN Server Settings (Security, IP Range, etc.). 4 Step 4. Allow Routing and Remote Access Inbound Traffic in Windows Firewall. 5 Step 5. Select the VPN Users. More items

  • How many Windows Server VMS can I run with one license?

  • Standard edition allows you to run two Windows Server VMs and unlimited # of other operating system VMs. A distinction needs to be made about what the licensing allows; Standard Edition licensing allows for 2 guest Windows OSE instances under a single Standard Edition license for the host.

  • How to setup remote access on Windows Server 2016?

  • First install the 鈥?Remote Access 鈥?via Server Manager or Windows PowerShell. Select the 鈥?DirectAccess and VPN (RAS)鈥?role services and click next. On the next steps just use the default settings. After that you can have a look at the overview screen and install the role.

  • How to see how many CALs are used in Windows Server 2016?

  • User CAL installed in Windows 2016.. and how to see how many CAL is used.. Windows Server does not have an option to install CALs. There is no way to see how many CALs are used because they are not tracked.