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  • How do you get maximum Toon-up?

  • Once a toon turns in a completed toontask, the toon will receive a maximum toon-up. A toon can gather treasures scattered around the playground. A toon can gain laff points from Toon-Up gags from the help of another toon.

  • How does the VP work in Toon quest?

  • The VP sits on a gear-shaped podium that retracts and resembles a tank, and moves using silver tracks on the bottom of the podium. Throw Gears – The VP will look at the targeted toon and hurl multiple gears to the toon.

  • What does the vice president do in Toontown?

  • Although, based on the definition of a real world V.P. associated with marketing, he could also be responsible for managing the sales of his corporation. The Vice President was first seen in a pre- Beta video of Toontown Rewritten that was uploaded by Joey before Beta opened.

  • Is there a boss who does not talk in Toontown?

  • The V.P. is the only boss cog that could be seen on the Toontown Website. The VP and the CFO are the only bosses who do not talk while they attack. In the Trading Card, The VP can been seen wearing a yellow shirt instead of wearing purple shirt in-game.