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  • How do you get maximum Toon-up?

  • Once a toon turns in a completed toontask, the toon will receive a maximum toon-up. A toon can gather treasures scattered around the playground. A toon can gain laff points from Toon-Up gags from the help of another toon.

  • What does the vice president do in Toontown?

  • Although, based on the definition of a real world V.P. associated with marketing, he could also be responsible for managing the sales of his corporation. The Vice President was first seen in a pre- Beta video of Toontown Rewritten that was uploaded by Joey before Beta opened.

  • How many Laff Points do I get from ToonTasks?

  • In the course of a toon’s journey, several toontasks will be offered for a reward for more laff points. A total of 85 laff points are rewarded from toontasks.

  • How does the VP jump work in Toon City?

  • Jump: The V.P. jumps up and slams back down to the ground, deducting 10 laff points from any Toon who remains on the ground. This is a powerful attack that can be avoided by pressing the default Control key on the keyboard to jump. Whenever the V.P. jumps, he will begin to slowly move back up the incline.