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  • How much do Yelp customer service jobs pay?

  • The average Yelp salary ranges from approximately $37,448 per year for Customer Specialist to $183,664 per year for Senior Sales Director. Salary information comes from 4,817 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

  • What is Yelp鈥檚 revenue model?

  • The Yelp Revenue Model is comprised of its products from which it made $907 million from ads, $13.6 million from transactions and $21.5 million from other services, as per Yelp鈥檚 annual report 2018. How Does Yelp Make Money? Yelp makes most of its money through its service programs both self-service and full.

  • How much do VPS make in the US?

  • The consumer goods and health care industries were not far behind, with some VPs and senior VPs earning $328,000 and $309,533 respectively. A writer since 1995, Christian Fisher is an author specializing in personal empowerment and professional success.

  • How much does Twitter鈥檚 Senior VP make?

  • However, just under $10.1 million of that was in stock options. Twitter鈥檚 senior VP鈥檚 salary was actually $145,513 plus a $100,000 bonus, putting him into the range of salaries for other senior vice presidents of major companies. Many senior VPs get cash for a number of living expenses and luxury items such as company cars or gym memberships.