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  • How much do Intel employees get paid?

  • How much does Intel Corporation pay? The average Intel Corporation salary ranges from approximately $136,623 per year for a Student to $1,654,230 per year for a Marketing Communications Manager. The average Intel Corporation hourly pay ranges from approximately $40 per hour for a Maintenance Technician to $69 per hour for a Software Engineer.

  • How much of Intel’s net revenue comes from the US?

  • $11.1 billion revenues, 20.1% of the total, from United States. $10.7 billion revenues, 19.3% of the total, from Taiwan. $10.4 billion revenues, 18.7% of the total, from other countries. Of the $55.4 billion of Intel net revenue in 2015, $20.7 billion were the cost of sales.

  • How much do VCS make a year?

  • Managing partners not only run operations at a VC fund but also lead investments. Gannon鈥檚 survey received 34 responses and found this group of VCs averaging more than $300,000 per year between salary and bonus. The survey found that financial VCs are bringing in more than $235,000 in yearly cash compensation to folks at this level.

  • What did Intel鈥檚 CEO reveal during a virtual presentation?

  • During a virtual presentation on March 23, 2021, Intel’s CEO outlined the company鈥檚 path forward to manufacture, design and deliver leadership products. On March 23, 2021, Pat Gelsinger, Intel鈥檚 chief executive officer, offered a business update and webcast address on the new era of innovation and technology leadership at Intel.