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  • What is the going rate for VPS in London?

  • According to last year’s salary and bonus survey from recruitment firm Arkesden Partners, the going rate for VPs in London was between 248k and 315k ($338k to $429k) in total compensation in 2021. Following yesterday’s bonus announcements, that rate has risen considerably.

  • How much do VCS make a year?

  • Gannon鈥檚 survey received 34 responses and found this group of VCs averaging more than $300,000 per year between salary and bonus. The survey found that financial VCs are bringing in more than $235,000 in yearly cash compensation to folks at this level. Corporate VC vice presidents were raking in even more at $287,000 in average total compensation.

  • How much do Goldman Sachs VPS get paid?

  • This echoes a claim on the Litquidity Instagram account, which said yesterday that first year VPs at Goldman are now on around $750k, that second year VPs are on $800-$900k, and that third years are on $900k -$1m+. VPs typically have between five and nine years’ experience. Some can be as young as 26 years old.

  • How long does it take to become a VP?

  • Instead, you start as an Analyst or Associate and get promoted by performing well and proving that you can work well with clients. If you start as an Analyst, it might take 2-3 years to become an Associate, and it might then take another 3-4 years to become a VP.