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As of 2013,most senior vice presidents of major corporations earn a salary between$150,000 and $250,000depending on the industry,organization and division within the organization that each executive leads. Senior vice presidents usually report directly to their president or chief executive officer.

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  • How much does a VP make a year?

  • The consumer goods and health care industries were not far behind, with some VPs and senior VPs earning $328,000 and $309,533 respectively. A writer since 1995, Christian Fisher is an author specializing in personal empowerment and professional success.

  • How much does a Senior VP make at Twitter?

  • However, just under $10.1 million of that was in stock options. Twitter鈥檚 senior VP鈥檚 salary was actually $145,513 plus a $100,000 bonus, putting him into the range of salaries for other senior vice presidents of major companies. Many senior VPs get cash for a number of living expenses and luxury items such as company cars or gym memberships.

  • Why are corporate senior vice presidents paid so much?

  • Because they tend to serve as managers and controllers corporate senior vice presidents are paid relatively high salaries. Organizationally, senior vice presidents typically fall between a corporation’s executive vice presidents and its vice presidents.

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