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VPS plans are only free for 60 days. After that,you will need to pay the regular monthly fee to retain access. The good news is that the free trial doesn鈥檛 limit you in any way. It鈥檚 meant to give you an idea of what the service is like,so you have access to most of the features available.

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  • What is free VPS hosting?

  • It combines the affordability of shared hosting with the control and flexibility of a dedicated server. Over the past couple of years, VPS hosting has gained a lot of momentum and many web hosts have now started offering free VPS hosting.

  • Is there a free Windows VPS with no credit card?

  • We will now see free Windows VPS with no credit card. These are the services that don鈥檛 require a credit card. If you are looking for a free Windows VPS server that doesn鈥檛 even require a credit card, here is the choice for you. It鈥檚 a self-managed Windows VPS with full root access.

  • Why free Windows VPS is important?

  • Many people don鈥檛 like to use windows VPS because Microsoft owns the Windows license and we have to pay for use. An open-source operating system like Linux gaining popularity because of this. But windows VPS has some advantages that you can never give up. That鈥檚 why free windows VPS is a very important thing.

  • How to get free Windows VPS for Windows 10?

  • Here are few ways you can get free Windows VPS. Choose a VPS that provides free credits or a future pricing point. Thereafter, you can choose the configuration as per your need. When you are moving ahead, make sure you keep your credit card handy.