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Long-Term Parking Terminal 1 Fees0 – 3 hours: $10.00*Each Additional Hour: $2.00 Daily Maximum: $18.00 *15 min grace period at no charge

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  • How much is parking at VPS?

  • Daily $8.50 100% Disabled American Veterans receive free parking at VPS. The cell phone waiting area is a convenient parking option for drivers and other visitors who want to pick up arriving passengers. This allowed smooth traffic flow directly in front of the terminal building.

  • How long can you park at Las Vegas Airport?

  • All long-term parking has a 30-day maximum parking limit without prior notice. To park more than 30 days, contact Airport Parking at 702.261.5122 or email your request to [email protected] Parking in the garages is subject to availability. Reservations for parking are not available.

  • How does the VPs airport work for people with restricted mobility?

  • The VPS Airport also provides people with restricted mobility with a convenient option for parking. There are specific parking spaces allotted in both of the parking lots for such passengers. They are required to prominently display an official disabled license plate or any other official permit to be allowed to park in these allotted spots.

  • What are the hours of operation for the airport parking lot?

  • *ECONOMY LOT SHUTTLE STARTS at 4:30 a.m. and makes regular trips to the lot every 15-30 minutes until one hour after the final flight after the evening lands. *The Parking exit booth is open 24 hours a day.