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Once a week

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  • How many times can I backup my VPS?

  • A backup of your VPS (excluding additional disks) is scheduled daily (on a rolling 7-day basis), exported and replicated three times before being available in the OVHcloud Control Panel. For an efficient, affordable backup strategy, you can take snapshots of your virtual machine.

  • How do I back up my VPS?

  • You can use Automated Backup to schedule backups of your VPS (excluding additional disks). These backups are taken every day, for a rolling period of seven days. Your backups are exported to our infrastructure, and replicated three times across different servers. You can then use them at any time to restore your VPS.

  • What are the different types of backups for a VPS?

  • Whether you have a VPS server or another hosting system like a Reseller, there are two common types of backups: full and incremental. Full backups, like Liquid Web鈥檚 Cloud Backups, are typically taken daily and backup the data on the entire server.

  • Why backing up your VPS server is important?

  • Ensuring that you have properly backed up your server means your data is secure and protected so you can continue working with ease of mind. Another way to ensure your data is properly backed up is by upgrading your VPS servers regularly so your backups can be processed without any issues or glitches.