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  • How to set up Node JS on Linux VPS?

  • Setting up node.js on a Linux VPS is a relatively short and simple task. We simply need to install node.js on our server and start it, and we will also write a very brief app to respond to requests. But before making use of it, let鈥檚 define what node.js is and what it offers.

  • How to create a NodeJS project and run it in VS Code?

  • Following are some simple steps in order to create a simple NodeJS project and running it in VS Code editor. Step 1: Create an empty folder and move it into that folder from your VS Code editor, use the following command. mkdir demo cd demo code .

  • How do I run a Node JS application on a managed server?

  • To run a Node.js application on a managed server, you must select an unused port between 30000 and 50000 (inclusive). Save the changes to the .htaccess file, and then exit the text editor.

  • What is NodeJS server on Linux?

  • Node.js is a very powerful and popular tool for both servers and applications. This post will detail how to install and set up a Node.js Server on a Linux VPS running CentOS 7.