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  • How to find hidden directories or files on any web server?

  • You can take advantage of this particular tool to find hidden directories or files on any web server. By using URL Fuzzer, you will be able to access resources that may not otherwise be publically accessible, including, /backups, and more.

  • How do I Find my dedicated IP address for my VPS?

  • On Hostinger panel, you may locate all VPS related information under the Servers section. The highlighted area under SSH Details shows your virtual server鈥檚 dedicated IP address. The following method is a pretty straightforward solution.

  • Is there a way to see Directory of website?

  • It is worth pointing out that many people have questions about how to see directory of website, but there’s no straightforward way to do it actually. The thing you need to understand is that to learn how to see directory of website or to be able to browse website files is similar to hacking because you will gain unauthorized access to file paths.

  • How can I only see the biggest directories in a directory?

  • However, many times you may only be interested in the 10 biggest directories, or some number similar to that. In that case, we can pipe our output to the head command to only show the biggest directories. Note that we also use the tail command to avoid printing the size of the parent directory, which would be irrelevant in this case.