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  • Can I install Debian 10 on a VPS?

  • However you can use any VPS to follow along. Debian 10 is code-named Buster. On a VPS the version you will get will be the minimal version. Here is a free Vultr Tutorial for beginners. And, here is a free Digital Ocean Tutorial for beginners. This initial Server setup for Debian 10 / Buster will cover the following:

  • How to connect to a Linux VPS server remotely?

  • All Linux-based VPS servers like Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu VPS come with SSH (Secure Shell) access. You will be able to use this SSH to connect to your VPS remotely to execute your commands. Now, for whatever reason, you may have to use Windows or Mac on your personal computer, and at the same time, you need to use a Linux server with a desktop.

  • What Linux distribution should I choose for my VPS server?

  • Debian 10 鈥渂uster鈥?is the Linux distribution of choice for this VPS server. After the creation of the VPS, the article teaches you how to further secure the server.

  • Is there a swap file for Debian on VPS?

  • This is convenient, especially nowadays since VPS providers use SSDs. You can check if your Debian install already has a Swap location. You can still create another swap file even if it already does.