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One way to access your FTP server is bytyping the domain name or IP address into the address line of your browser. Alternatively,you can connect to the FTP server through the command line by typing. ftp

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  • How do I connect to the FTP server on a VPS?

  • Alternatively, you can connect to the FTP server through the command line by typing Once connected, you will be required to provide your username and password. Once credentials are validated by the server, you will be granted access to your users account disk space on the VPS.

  • Can I use FTP or NFS on my VPS server?

  • The answer is simple: both NFS and FTP, i have mentioned, require you to setup additional software on your VPS server, and require to perform additional steps to make your access secure. Usually we simply want to transfer files to/from our VPS server in an easy, fast and secure fashion.

  • How do I install vsftpd on a virtual private server?

  • You can install vsftpd on your virtual private server through the command line interface (CLI) and SSH with the following command: Most likely, you will also need to connect to a FTP server from your VPS, therefore, you need to install the FTP client as well: The installer will start to download and setup all dependencies.

  • How do I access my VPS via FileZilla SFTP?

  • You can access your VPS via FileZilla SFTP again at any point by clicking the server manager icon in the top-left corner of the toolbar and selecting it. You can add any file or folder from your local PC by navigation to the destination folder in FileZilla, then dragging and dropping it into the directory from File Explorer.