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  • What is contabo VPS and how does it work?

  • Contabo has 4 VPS plans. Every one of them is outfitted with DDoS security as well as picture technology. You can additionally select which OS must be pre-installed on the web server as well as select a control panel. While cPanel as well as Plesk are paid, you can get Lamp, Light + Webmin, or Webmin completely free.

  • What is contabo hosting?

  • Contabo is a German organizing carrier, previously recognized by the name Giga-International. It鈥檚 primarily concentrating on sophisticated Virtual Private Web server (VPS), Digital Dedicated Web Server (VDS), as well as dedicated server hosting.

  • Is contabo a good option for RDP?

  • Contabo is good. Only Windows servers have RDP, and you chose Ubuntu 18.04. Use this to get botting setup on your VPS More sharing options… You’ve got a core install. I think Contabo offers VNC out of the box but tbh best to set it up yourself.

  • How do I set up a contabo server?

  • Once you log into your dashboard you can set up your server. You go to and you enter the details that will be sent to you in your email, okay. So now the next step is, let鈥檚 look at the dashboard. Log into your account. Yeah this is the Contabo Dashboard.