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Change the default port

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  • How to secure your Windows VPs from hackers?

  • Since the port is known publicly, it is open to brute-force attacks. The easiest solution for securing Windows VPS is to change the default port. This way, your VPS is prevented from such attacks and abuse of server resources. Further, we advise you choose a random port number during the changing process.

  • Is a VPS server right for You?

  • A VPS server is a great hosting option if you want more control over your server without dishing out large amounts of cash for a dedicated one. As you probably already know, there are two operating system options to pick from.

  • How secure is your Virtual Server?

  • The virtual server itself is not secure and can be easily compromised, even the Linux VPS, and it is you who must increase the security of the server. Security can never be 100% guaranteed, but it can be increased from 0侏 to 99侏 In this article, we have presented some of these cases at your service.

  • How to secure windows VPS with remote desktop gateway?

  • Data encryption is a great technique of securing Windows VPS 鈥?and Remote Desktop Gateway does that perfectly. The tool lets you access your VPS through web over SSL/TLS. Your connections are also made over secure port 443, so the advantage is significant.