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Logging Into Your VPS via SSH(with username and password) The main requirements for logging in include: A VPS on your OVHcloud account Access to your OVHcloud Control Panel Your login and password (from email) First,you鈥檒l need to log in to your OVHcloud Control Panel,then navigate to the Bare Metal Cloud section.

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  • How do I connect to my VPS?

  • You can now connect to your VPS via SSH with username and password. ( SSH is a secure communication protocol. Find out more in this guide about SSH on dedicated servers ). You can access your server through a command terminal (Linux or MAC) or through third-party software on Windows (we can recommend PuTTY).

  • Can I host a website on my VPS?

  • You can use all of your hardware resources for hosting websites or business applications 鈥?and you get admin access to your virtual server, too. With our VPS range, you can manage your web projects in a server environment that is scaled to suit your usage. Created with Sketch.

  • Why choose ovhcloud VPS?

  • Our VPS solutions are designed to suit all of your needs, and scale up as your business grows. You do not need to provision resources 鈥?simply add what you need, when you need it, via the OVHcloud Control Panel. This means you only pay for what you use, helping you manage your budget.

  • How do I Reboot my ovhcloud VPS?

  • However, you can carry out a 鈥渉ard reboot鈥?at any time in your OVHcloud Control Panel. From the Home tab, click on Reboot my VPS, then click Confirm in the popup window. You can carry out any reinstallations directly in your Control Panel. Simply click Reinstall my VPS in the Home tab: A window will open, and you will be asked to choose: