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In the right menu,on the general tab,enter your VPS server IP,port (by default it is 22) and choose SFTP in the Protocol drop-down menu. Choose Interactive in Logon Type Menu and enter your user name,with which you access your VPS server,and have a key created. In most cases it will be root. After that you can press connect.

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  • How do I access my VPS?

  • Vultr provides several different ways to access your VPS to configure, install, and use. The default access credentials for your VPS are found on the Server Information Page that can be accessed by visiting and clicking on Servers and then the name of your VPS.

  • How to securely transfer files via the command line to VPS?

  • Or perhaps you wish to learn how to securely transfer files via the command line to your VPS? SCP is a simple (yet effective) option to easily transfer local files to a remote server. The scp command uses SSH for transferring files and provides the same level of security and benefits as SFTP.

  • Can I use SSH to access my VPS server?

  • Those with Linux servers can use SSH to access their server or the Remmina software. All of Liquid Web鈥檚 Windows VPS servers are capable of accepting Remote Desktop connections. However, not all client computers can utilize it.

  • How do I connect to my VPS using FileZilla?

  • First of all by default you already can connect to your server out of the box, just run filezilla, enter your VPS server IP, login/password pair and port ( by default port is 22) You will immediately have access to your VPS over SFTP protocol.