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If you鈥檙e using our VPS hosting service,access the server bylogging in to your Hostinger account. Find your VPS hosting account and click Manage. The SSH details will be available on the server management panel.

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  • How do I access my VPS?

  • Vultr provides several different ways to access your VPS to configure, install, and use. The default access credentials for your VPS are found on the Server Information Page that can be accessed by visiting and clicking on Servers and then the name of your VPS.

  • Can I host multiple websites on a VPS server?

  • However, you can also host multiple websites on the VPS server to harness its true potential. In order to keep things secure, it鈥檚 recommended to create a user for every website and then keep the files for that website in the public_html folder within the main /home directory.

  • What is a VPS hosting?

  • A VPS aka virtual private server hosting, allows you to get dedicated resources to host your website on a shared server. So basically, a VPS hosting is part-shared and part-dedicated. A VPS is one of the several ways you can host your website on the internet.

  • How to move your website files to a VPS?

  • The fastest and most simple way of moving your website files onto your VPS host is by using a FTP application. While some operating systems have default FTP clients, it is better to choose a more dedicated and secure FTP solution. One such example is FileZilla, which is free.