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By default, you access your VPS viaSSH. However, because SSH only works through the command-line interface, it鈥檚 not suitable for using a desktop environment. To use the GUI remotely, you鈥檒l need to set up a VNC server on your Ubuntu VPS.

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  • How to connect to a Linux VPS server remotely?

  • All Linux-based VPS servers like Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu VPS come with SSH (Secure Shell) access. You will be able to use this SSH to connect to your VPS remotely to execute your commands. Now, for whatever reason, you may have to use Windows or Mac on your personal computer, and at the same time, you need to use a Linux server with a desktop.

  • How to install Ubuntu desktop on a VPS?

  • How to Install Ubuntu Desktop on a VPS Installation. Step #1: Go to Ubuntu’s download page and click the Download button for the version you want. The download… Fix Networking. By default, the desktop environment for most Linux distributions won’t have internet connectivity… Enable SSH. By …

  • How to setup VNC server on Ubuntu 16 04 VPS?

  • Entering correct password will open your Ubuntu 16.04 server鈥檚 desktop in a new window. You can start installing apps you need and configure your VNC server as you need. You鈥檒l have to run vncserver command each time you reboot your VPS as VNC server will not start with the reboot.

  • How to connect to FTP server on Ubuntu VPS?

  • Once ready, click Connect, and a screen asking to enter the FTP user鈥檚 password will appear. After that, hit OK. Finally, you will need to verify the SSL certificate of your FTP server on Ubuntu VPS.