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Accessing the VPS Control Panel. To access your VPS control panel,log in to GreenGeeksand in the 鈥淨uick Server Login鈥?section,click the 鈥淰iew Details鈥?button for the VPS service. Click any of the VPS control or information links.

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  • Do I need a control panel for my VPS?

  • The control panel itself isn鈥檛 a core part of VPS. In fact, it is actually considered an add-on. Although offering users a friendly way of interacting with the Operating System, you can fully operate your VPS account without a control panel . The control panel is a Graphic User Interface (GUI) driven method of handling your VPS.

  • What is vcpanel and how to install it?

  • vcPanel is a vps control panel for managing VPS servers around the globe from one portal. It is mainly written in PHP + MySQL so you can install it on any hosting server. vcPanel has an auto installer script but that supports only Centos 5.x distributions.

  • What can I do in the control panel?

  • Our control panel is built to simplify administrative tasks and reduce the time it typically takes to manage a fast VPS. Actions such as starting, rebooting, and shutting down a VPS can all be performed.

  • What is a virtual private server (VPS)?

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the most versatile options where web hosting is concerned. It can be used for almost all purposes from the deployment of web apps to running various complexities of websites or blogs. The control panel itself isn鈥檛 a core part of VPS.