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  • How many vice presidents have gone on to become president?

  • President-elect Joe Biden served as vice president in the Obama administration. Fifteen former vice presidents have gone on to become president themselves. Some were unexpectedly inaugurated after the president’s resignation, assassination, or illness. Others, like Joe Biden, ran for office after their terms as vice president ended.

  • How many vice presidents did Franklin Roosevelt have?

  • Franklin Roosevelt had three different vice presidents鈥攁 record. The first president to have multiple vice presidents was Thomas Jefferson, who served two terms in office beginning in 1801.

  • How many terms did John Adams serve as vice president?

  • At the time, the presidential candidate with the second highest number of votes became the Vice President. From there, Adams succeeded Washington and became the 2nd President of the United States. He served for one term, from March of 1797-1801.

  • Why did some vice presidents run for President?

  • Some vice presidents had no choice but to assume office due to the death or resignation of their predecessors, like Lyndon B. Johnson after John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Others, like President-elect Joe Biden, chose to run for president after serving as second-in-command in the White House.