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Once you are on the site,you navigate to the VPS servers by going to – Click on hosting. – Servers- Virtual private Server – see windows plansGo to your Go daddy first,then review the product page.Under Servers,next to the Generation 4 server you want to use,you then click Manage.Select an OS and data center location if (available),and then you click Next.Complete the following fields,and click finish.

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  • Do I need a dedicated IP address for my GoDaddy VPS?

  • GoDaddy VPS Hosting (with the exception of the Basic plan) includes up to three free dedicated IP addresses to use for custom applications, staging sites, email and other administration tasks. Custom software and applications: If you鈥檙e running any custom software on your server then you might require a dedicated IP address.

  • How do I set up a GoDaddy server?

  • Before you can start using your server, you have to set it up. Log in to Gateway using your GoDaddy login. In the area of the server you want to use, click Set Up. Complete the on-screen fields, and then click Create Server.

  • What are the best GoDaddy alternatives for VPS hosting?

  • a web hosting alternative to Godaddy, is the Dream host for both Domain, web hosting, and VPS 2020 because Dream host is better equipped and recognized for their excellent support team and also has been the PC Mag Editors Choice for a row in 4 years. Features of Dream Host .com

  • How do I log into Plesk without a GoDaddy account?

  • You can log directly into Plesk using the username and password for your Generation 4 VPS or Dedicated server. This is a secure way to give others access to the server without giving them your GoDaddy account password. You don’t have to have admin access enabled to log in this way.